Christmas Gift Guides Based On Wodehouse Novels: The Little Nugget


(Clockwise from top left)

  1. Chameleon Glow in Shuffle the Cards, £9 – This eyeshadow was sold out for ages after Into The Gloss featured it, but Topshop finally got round to restocking it properly this year. It’s a bizarre colour; gold and bronze and pink and copper and khaki, all depending on you. Shimmery, shade-shifting joy.
  2. Belmont Gold Corkscrew, £20 – A barkeeper’s friend will always be the best bottle opener you own and what could be better than a gold one? I mean I hate to say it, but it’s very Jeeves, isn’t it? Pro tip: hide these bottle openers from your flatmates with your life. Not for party use, unless it’s a cocktail party and you’re the only person allowed near the booze.
  3. Metallic Plushie Sticker, £4 – After Anya Hindmarch launched her handbag stickers, it was perhaps inevitable that they’d be imitated by the high street. I’m sure there are more options out there, but I have one of these Skinnydip ones and I’m suitably impressed. It’s been on my wallet for a few months and shows no signs of shifting, so it’s a double thumbs up from me.
  4. Knit Beanie, £25 – The website says ‘mustard’, but I assure you this & Other Stories beanie is a delightful metallic gold IRL. I’m all about a festive beanie. No one sees you in anything except a coat and knitwear for about two months in England, so you might as well make the knitwear jolly.
  5. Half Penny Coin Purse, £32 – It’s basically a festive chocolate penny that you can store other pennies inside. How marvellous is that?
  6. Bog Myrtle Incense, £16 – Because nothing says Christmas like bog myrtle. I dunno, I’ve really got into incense this year and apparently I’m a massive cliche, because so has everyone else. Incense is everywhere man and it’s really expensive and fancy. I like these little brass tins the best and, FYI, bog myrtle is also said to have magical properties when brewed into beer that make you go berserk, so there’s that.
  7. Brass Lobster Bookmark, £9.95 – Doesn’t a bookmark seem like a quaint gift from the days of yore? Give this as a gift to a young person and watch their tiny precious minds boggle accordingly.
  8. Ernesto Scented Candle, £70 – Such is my love of a scented candle, I recently spent most of a day in Paris hunting down these bad boys at the source. Fun fact; it was like, half the price. That’s no help to anyone that isn’t visiting France anytime soon though, so let me tell you this. Ernesto smells like a fancy hotel with wooden floors and – oh, let’s say Ernest Hemingway – smoking a big ol’ cigar somewhere in the library in the distance. Also the gold version is more money, but it’s a total thing of joy. And it’s massive. Like, it will last you over a year of weekly burning. No, you’re justifying candle purchases.
  9. Brass Mist Sprayer, £12.41 – First of all go ahead and download the best plant app ever, Koubachi. Then once you’ve worked out which ones need misting, pick up your snazzy brass mister and tend to them like a Victorian lady in her greenhouse.
  10. Gold Embroidered Palm Tree Pin, £36 – I have been obsessed with Macon & Lesquoy and their handmade jazzy little jewels for some time now. They’re fairly small for the money, but my god they’re beautiful. There are so many cute little ones – like the SHARK! – and I love that they have a bit of a sense of humour about them. A real neat little gift!




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