Christmas Gift Guides Based On Wodehouse Novels: Full Moon

Nice people keep telling me I should update my blog, so in the spirit of Christmas; ta-da!

I love nothing more than a Christmas gift guide. And if there is anything I love more, it’s PG Wodehouse novels. So here’s a selection of gift guides inspired by some of his delightful tomes.

First up; Full Moon.

Christmas Gift Guides Based On Wodehouse Novels: Full Moon

(Clockwise from top left) 

  1. Ticket to the Moon Pillow, £19 – Designed for children, but kids don’t need a ticket to the moon. Grown-ups who work dead hard and don’t get a break need a moon trip and I have it on good authority that if you approach Richard Branson brandishing this pillow, you’re as good as booked on to Virgin Galactic.
  2. Gold Moon Chime, £148 – How much? It’s stupidly expensive, but this golden recreation of the phases of the moon would look smashing hung above your bed. There’s actually a few DIY tutorials for versions of this, which would be a cheaper and potentially more thoughtful option.
  3. Moon Platter, £48 – I know what you’re thinking; what a delightful moon platter! The stars! The photoreal moon! Isn’t it delightful? Well prepare yourself for a mindfuck; it gets better! It comes with – wait for it – star cookie cutters! If you’ve seen a more charming gift for ceramic fans that like astrology, I’d like to hear about it.
  4. Moon Hair Brooch, £8 – Giving those Celine hair brooches a mystical update, this ASOS brooch is a nifty little way to jazz up your barnet. And it’s gold! When did the whole world decide to agree with me and make everything gold instead of silver? Well done world.
  5. Twin Star Studs, £365 – If you’re going bananas with gifting, I’m sure everyone would be delighted with these teeny-but-sheeny diamond studs.
  6. Taurus Badge, £22 – There’s a hint of the Pearly Queen about these hand-embroidered brooches from Silver Spoon. Beautiful as they are, I feel bitter once again that Taurus is such a rubbish starsign pictorially. Oh, to be a majestic Scorpio.
  7. Sacred Sage, $14.95 – If you know anyone who’s moving house, buy ’em some sage to cleanse the fuck out any bad vibes before they move in. And/or make them think you’re really weird. Campfire Cologne looks like such a neat brand, but I can only find one of their fragrances in the UK – Palo Santo, here.
  8. Pineapple and Gemstone Mask, $48 – Because who doesn’t want to feel the effect of pineapple and gemstone on their face? I love all these hippy trippy beauty brands using rose and crystals and Himalayan sea salt and whatnot; good vibes all round. My kingdom for a bathroom like this so I can use this. (You can find lots of international stockists for Herbivore Botanicals here.)
  9. Astrological Fragrance Collection Bag, £15 – Selfridges compiled these bags for Christmas; each comes with a selection of perfume miniatures, allegedly selected based on your starsign. I mean, I love that as a concept but does every Taurean really want to smell like an old woman’s underwear drawer? Because goddamn roses is all I ever want to smell like and I don’t imagine that’s fashionable. STILL. The bag! Isn’t it lovely?
  10. My Kind Belongs Nowhere Patch, $4.99 – It glows in the dark and it’s from one of my favourite brands, so what’s not to love? Truer words never spoken, either, eh?








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