Pink pink pink forever


Sugar series by Emily Blincoe - pink



There’s no day that can’t be improved with a scroll through the WGSN tumblr and today’s pink spoils prove it. It’s often been said that I have a thing for pink and while I try and deny it, I guess I should just accept facts – sitting here with pink shoes, pink dress, pink necklace and pink nails, I don’t have much of an argument.

I like to think my love of metal, real ale and Henry Rollins go some way to cancel out the pink but what can I say? It just makes me happy. It looks good with my hair. I own so much already that buying more is just sensible because it means thing match more easily. It’s a legit trend for Autumn/Winter 2013 so who’s laughing now? I dunno.

At the top we see Kirsten Owen shot by Josh Olins for Dazed and Confused in Sonia Rykiel – she looks cooler than anybody has a right to in knitted fluffy culottes and a skinned Furby handbag. Next is a bunch o’ pink sweets by Emily Blincoe as part of her Sugar Series photographs. You can tell she’s not English because there are no Percy Pigs.

And finally, here all the clothes I would like to wear to work today in my fantasy pink land. I saw this Topshop pink fluffy skirt and top set in store at the weekend and it is every bit as 90s and sparkly as you might imagine. The pink sunglasses are ASOS and seem to have disappeared temporarily – but you can always rely on them for sunnies, can’t you?  Ditto hair accessories – this brooch is another ASOS gem. I’m crazy about this Whistles rose-gold chain pouch, which I like to pretend is a grown-up way to do pink. Finally these Vans are definitely not a grown-up purchase but having purchased three pairs in as many months, I don’t see why I should stop now.

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