Channelling my inner Cher with Brag Vintage

bang vintage sheffieldbang vintage sheffieldCher crochet top

All I’ve ever wanted in life is to look like Cher, so when I spotted this 60s crochet top on the Brag Vintage site, it was a done deal. Next step, black hair dye and eyelash extensions.

Brag Vintage is a new Sheffield secondhand store (you can see my round up of all of ‘em here) except that they have the added bonus of being based entirely online. That’s right; all the good stuff about northern vintage shopping (cheap, great, plentiful) without even having to board an East Midlands train.

I’ll leave you to investigate the site at your leisure, but I do feel duty bound to inform you that there are loads of really nice coats on there at the moment - that’s a top vintage-shopping tip right there, btw. Always buy vintage coats online in summer, especially amidst a heat wave. The last thing any sane person wants to do is browse heavy wool jackets or fur coats (HIYA) so you always get a bargain and the best choice.

Also into: this floral maxi; this BHS logo t-shirt (why not?) and this nice knitted cami.

Outfit plans above – I do think denim cut-offs would be more Cher, but I clearly don’t have the legs for that. Instead I’ll opt for my olde faithful vintage maxi skirt (bought it on the first day at uni, wear it weekly); weird vintage sunglasses-case handbag and equally olde faithful earrings, that I got in a goodie bag at a QVC press day about five years ago and also continue to wear weekly.

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