Goodhood launches Life Store


Hey, who’s this?


I’m still struggling to combine the end of work with planning three months of travel, but I couldn’t let the launch of Goodhood’s life store go by without mention. Even if it has for the last three weeks since it launched…

It’s quite common knowledge round these parts that I would like to buy one of everything, designed for either male or female customers, from Goodhood. Combine that design ethic with my extreme longing for a house and habit/obsession for buying homeware and really, really, what did you expect?

What I like best about the clothes at Goodhood is that they’re a grown up version of what I’ve always liked to wear since I was a teenager; skatery t-shirts and beanies and ugly-awesome shoes and things with skulls on.

I don’t think I’d say quite the same about their home pieces, particularly in light of today’s activities. Today I’ve been continuing my impassioned pre-sabbatical Binning Everything I Own clearout at my mum’s house and it’s safe to say that my taste in décor has changed dramatically since I was a teenager. Things I have found; a fuzzy fur alarm clark with glittery silver bells, a cushion in the shape of a pirate ship, lots of pink plastic. I had totally abysmal taste in ‘design’ – hell, my room here at my mum’s house has pink and silver wallpaper (alternate walls, the pink is Barbie-branded) and cow-print fur curtains.

Goodhood’s homewear has no relation to this. At all. It does, however, represent everything I want my dream grown-up house to look like, when I can afford one. I.e. grey. Grey, black and white at a push.

These are just some of the things I’ve added to my mental house wish list – god it’s all so tasteful and cool I can’t bear it.

Shop here or at the actual Goodhood Life Store at 20 Coronet Street, London N1 6HD.

[Clockwise from top left: Goods by Goodhood Thorn Cushion, £45; Eno Candle Pin, £14; Klippan Tango Throw, £63; Arabia Moomin Pitcher, £32; Toast MU Porcelain Tea Cups, £20; Hay Kitchen Scissors, £5]  

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