Furcoat Christmas: 1920s bore

This year’s Christmas gift suggestions are based around the varying facets of my personality – because I’m sure that everyone can find a bit of @furcoat inside them if they look hard enough.

Today’s topic; the 1920s. Because I think we all know my feelings on that. So then, presents for modern day flappers and those equally obsessed with the era of gin, jazz and Fitzgerald.

1920s themed gifts

1. International Hygiene Convention Print, £11, Culture Label – actually dates from 1911 but that navy and gold and big ol’ eye still do it for me.

2. Vintage Flask, €8, Etsy – again this actually is dated 1977 but hell, that pattern is pretty deco  and secret booze is basically the point of my 20s obsession.

3. Art Deco London by Colin Hines, £9.99, English Heritage – like an I-Spy book for art deco obsessed adults.

4. FEW Standard Issue Navy Strength Gin, £36.95, Whisky Exchange – it wouldn’t be a 1920s Christmas without gin.

5. Butter London Nail Lacquer in Jack the Lad, £12, Harvey Nichols – moss green with gold flecks is way cooler than red for Christmas, don’t you think?

6. Sagaform Shot and Decanter Set, £24, Heal’s – see number 4.

7. Brooch Bandeau Headband, £10, Topshop – turbans are top, especially when they are the same colour as your hair. This would also come in handy when you’re trying to wash your face at someone’s house and you resort to using your t-shirt pulled back over your head.

8. Whistles Taylor Statement Earrings, £30, ASOS – geometric design, gold, black stone = winning combination for a wannabe flappery type.

9. Pompon Slipper, £29.99, Zara Home – slippers are another Christmas essential I reckon and these fluffy pompoms are more sophisticated than the leopard-print woolly boot things I’m currently wearing. I mean they’re basically UGGS. What am I? A monster? These are much more stylish and imagine how smashing they’d look with some proper pyjamas and that turban. IMAGINE.

10. Rose Embroidered Kimono, £58, Topshop – I have the blouse version of this and it looks so fancy IRL. This could probably do with some fringing to look really 20s, but otherwise it pretty much looks the part. The kind of thing that magazines would describe as being the perfect way to dress up jeans. I would never say such a thing but you can draw your own conclusions.

11. Cat Mask, £7, V&A – I went to a party at the splendidly art deco London masonic hall once wearing this. The cat’s pyjamas of dressing up options.

12. Art Deco iPhone Case, $20, Etsy – what any self-respecting flapper would protect her iPhone with, were she transported to 2012.

13. The Parade Tarot Cards, £55, Hermes – because I reckon Lita from Twilight Sleep (Edith Warton, 1927) would want them.

14. Charlotte Olympia Lunatic Leather Clutch, £395, Net-A-Porter – if anyone fancied blowing their load on me this Christmas, I would like it blowing in this direction.

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