What I bought in Walgreens

First things first – Duane Reade is my mecca. It is the best drugstore in the world and if I had to live in a shop, lols aside and thinking practically, Duane Reade would be it.

However, the only Duane Reade I know in Las Vegas was at the opposite end of the strip to our hotel and in 40°c heat, that’s too far. I think there is one somewhere in the middle but I guess I’m not as dedicated as I like to think because there was a Walgreens right opposite and that was way more appealing.

American drugstores are the nuts. As well as drugs, there’s more makeup than the John Lewis beauty hall, beer, food, tourist tat, books, magazines, photobooths… all the fun things in life you need. I always do most of my shopping in these magical places and this trip was no different – so here’s what I got.

1) Eau Thermale Avène – OK, wait, I bought this in the airport. I know these water spritzer things seem really wanky and Victoria Beckham at an airport, but honestly they are SO GOOD. Whether that’s in Vegas heat or on the plane, spraying your face with this magic makes you feel way better instantly and also stops your skin getting gross. Also good for; setting makeup and sunburn.

2) Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream – my usual BB cream of choice is Erborian which my friends at Strawberry and Cream sent me, but this is an A+ alternative. I know BB creams probably seem like a bit of a faffy fad but honestly, I proper love them. Like a tinted moisturiser but with more magic glowy powers and coverage, I liked to use this alone on my skin in Vegas for just making me look a bit more presentable/less hungover when I couldn’t face full makeup. Back home, I like to use it on top of makeup at the end of a day in the office if I’m going out, just for a bit of a refresh. This one is available in a bunch of shades but I use the magic ~universal, because the rest seemed really dark, even for me.

3) Kiss Nail Dress – I’ve talked about Kiss Nail Dress before, but that’s because they are hands-down the greatest nail wraps I’ve ever used. They are the easiest I’ve ever used in terms of application, last longer than any others and have the most bananas range of finishes too. The ones I got this time, which you can’t really see, are the neon Corset design – pink, yellow and blue zebra with a clear moon. I mean, why not? Need to wait til my nails are a good inch longer before I have a play to really do them justice.

4) Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – DAMN these are good. I love Revlon Just Bitten lipstains already but these are like a whole new world. The result is glossy and balmy rather than a stain, but it lasts allllllllllllll day. These are a total revelation – I’ve not tried the similar Clinique version but I am honestly agog at how good these are. That’s right, agog. They almost work too well, because I can’t get them off with my Liz Earle without a makeup wipe first. I have Sweetheart Valentine (pink) and Romantic (red) and will be buying more, even at UK prices. Sweetheart is the best, for def. The shiniest, glossiest pink ever and it stays in place no matter how many cowboy boots of beer you glug.


6) Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat – I’m a slave to Seche Vite but it may just have been replaced by a cheaper, younger model. This is really, really good. Put on nails when they are about one-minute dry, leave for 30 seconds and…. well, four days later my nails have no chips and are still shiny and that’s more than you get most of the time. I’ve read some reviews about it being a bit thick, but no problems for me so far on that front. This is a rare occasion when it’s not stupidly expensive in England too – just £5.99 at Boots which I guess may sound a bit much for a top coat, but for lazy bastards like me who don’t want to sit around waiting for nails to dry, it’s cool.

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