Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

11 Nov

1) The Retronaut posted some awesome art decon interpretations of superheroes this week. I’m not really into comic books but I am well into art deco so… check it out.

2) This Guardian article on life in London’s glitziest hotels during WWII is an extract from an excellent up-coming back by Matthew Sweet – and if you don’t automatically add The West End Front: The Wartime Secrets of London’s Grand Hotels to your Amazon wishlist you’re a stronger soul than me. Upper class scandal – is there any better kind?

3) Henry Rollins officiated a wedding this week. Awesome.

4) Ten of the best burgers in NYC. Not going back anytime soon (unless…?) but a useful bookmark nevertheless and the comments, obviously, have even more suggestions. The above burger was inhaled at Cookshop, which isn’t on the list but which you’ll have to trust me on.

5) The new collection from Actual Pain features wolves, Paul McCartney and uh… Princess Diana. As well as crosses and pyramids, of course. I’ve been into Actual Pain for a while but somehow managed to miss that they had a good UK stockist. Who knew! Clearly I didn’t search very hard. Buy all the new season stuff and a few classics at Street Casuals.


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