Furcoat’s favourite posts

Places to eat, drink and shop in NYC

Shops, bars and dirty places to eat for cheap in New York City.

Vintage shopping in Sheffield

Favourite places to find vintage clothing in my old hometown of Sheffield – probably not as up-to-date as one compiled by someone who lives there, but I guess 19 years of habitation count for something.

Cheap eats in Reykjavik

Iceland can be an expensive place to eat and drink, but we managed it. And we ate GOOOOOD. Here are my favourite places to stuff your face with amazing fish and hotdogs without spending too much.

All things tagged 1920s

I’m really into the 1920s and I kind of go on about it all the time. If you want to see all the stuff I’ve written, it’s here.

Pineapple picks

I’m kind of into pineapples too – here are all the posts about this most charming fruit.

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