Thank Furcoat it’s Friday


1. Playboy bunnies a few years on – gorgeous!

2. English Heritage’s top seven historical party pads. Aw yeah. (And if you like that, you’ll love this.)

3. 24 really good podcasts. Because you can’t listen to Desert Island Discs every night.

4. Two brothers’ 90s archive of Star Wars scenes created in MS Paint.

5. If you’ve not seen this video of a dog hurling himself in the sea with glee yet, you’re about to have a really happy 30 seconds. YEAH!

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Alexander Wang x Hayden Shapes surfboards

1. How glorious are these Alexander Wang x Haydenshapes surf boards? Throw in a surfing dog and you’re all set.

2. Speaking of surfing, I rediscovered my own California playlist today and it made me really happy. You should listen to it, if the sun comes out this weekend. [If you claim not to like that Gypsy Kings song or the Katy Perry one, I'm afraid I'm going to have call BS on you being a big liar, liar pants on fire.]

3. Behind the scenes at Sesame Street. Beware, puppet-handlers are revealed.

4. Potentially a bit boring, but insanely useful – 30 tools to help journalists make better use of Twitter.

5. Recycle a bottle, feed a stray dog!

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

I'm drunk what's your excuse?

I’m drunk… what’s your excuse?

1. Wooster or Jez? [Would have been more effective if posted while Robert Webb was still in the Jeeves & Wooster play, but it's still a gem.]

2. Did you know Sheffield had a creepy-deepy natural history museum to rival the Hunterian? Me neither! And I lived there for 21 years.

3. Metal cats. [N.b. the music kind of metal.]

4. 12 all-girl Japanese metal bands. [N.b. the cat kind of metal.]

5. 20 free stories by women in the new New Yorker archives.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Drunk in Love, the emoji version.

2. An easy-peasy-pizzay manicure.

3. What city skylines would look like without light pollution. Clue: ooooooh

4. A handy metalcore workout playlist.

5. Before Iggy Pop takes up residency on 6Music, Jarvis Cocker presents an entire show dedicated to the wriggling rock god. Tune in on Sunday, is gon be good!

6. The Goodhood Store‘s roundup of videos for International Women’s Day features pretty much every woman that I admire. So that’s awesome.

7. A closer look at the Chanel supermarket.

8. Weird Barbies that time forgot.

9. A Wes Anderson film/style retrospective.

10. Sweet Child O’Mine as a New Orleans-style jazz standard. Amazing! (Via Ben Kay)

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday


1. David Byrne doing a cover of Biz Markie’s Just a Friend. It’s amazing. Watch it, sing along, feel happy all Friday.
2. “Be wary of blue shoes.” Shockingly bad advice from Seventeen.
3. I want to hang each of these on my wall. Of my fantasy study.
4. Tabitha Denholm’s film about the Creole Cowboys is brill. “They’re like mods with their scooters,” she says. ” These dudes are so proud of their horses. They customize them, paint their hooves, plait their hair.”
5. Five decades of amazing Cher outfits.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

(For the other old bastards who stay in on a Friday night. More on which to come, along with some other explanations, tomorrow.)

Emoji Irl

1. Emoji IRL. Eagerly anticipating the emoji poo reenactment.

2. Sheffield is number 22 on the NY Times list of places to go in 2014. Because of its pubs. This had better not make the rents go up, eh?

3. The Montague Arms is being reinvented. This is big news for SE London dwellers, lovers of taxidermy and beer fans. Although maybe not so much of the middle one anymore. RIP.

4. The Muppets take on internet commenters.

5. People reenacting viral gifs. Please can you find more of these for me?

6. WITCH (We In This Club are Hellcats), SWAMI (Subtle Women Are Most Intriguing), JERKS (Junior Elite Receive Kind Servicemen), ZANY (Zealous, Adorable, Nice and Yummy), JILTS (Jump In Line To Smooch). More about these brilliantly-named oldey-timey girl gangs can be found here!


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. The pug version of Home Alone is a thing of wonder. (The pug version of Elf isn’t bad either.)

2. “Mouse eats scorpions and howls at the moon” – and New Scientists other top ten animal moments of the year.

3. Football mascots observing moments of silence.

4. Did you see that the British Library had added a million pictures from their archives to Flickr? Hats off to whichever intern was responsible for pressing upload all those times. I like this guy!

5. Turn your volume up then open this soundmap of New York in the 1920s. Thrilling!