My short and happy life as a famous blogger

I would definitely not be classed as ~~famous blogger~~ in anyone’s eye. Having a full-time job sort of gets in the way of most events (HEY, HOW ABOUT HOLDING PRESS DAYS OUTSIDE OF 9-5?) and I’m also frankly  a weird loser who prefers a Sammy Smiths Taddy and quiet pork pie  in the pub to an event where I might have to speak to actual people.

This week, however, two things happened.

1) I interviewed Charlotte Free for ASOS as part of their #bestnightever campaign in a funsy Google hangout. You can relive the fun in the video above – any comments about how northern I sound/how I end every sentence with an inflection/how weird my face is can be left below.

2) Time Out asked me to list my favourite secret London places a few months back and it went live this week. I’m sure they’ll be nothing new to those of you that follow this blog but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

PS That title is a Jessica Mitford reference – I’ve said it before, I think, but you should really read The Making of a Muckraker if you’re a journalist or interested in the world of hacks.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) OMG footage of F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald WALKING and TALKING. Actually made me go a bit shivery and creeped out.

2) Frida Kahlo’s clothing to go on display at her house in Mexico. I hope the exhibition is still on when I’m there next year, #scream.

3) Smiths lyrics as Penguin classics.

4) A Windows 98 Solitaire card deck. (They’ve already sold out.) [Picture: Evan Roth]

5) As another art deco London landmark gets trashed, Time Out pays its respects to Earls Court with a look back at some of its most memorable moments over the last 75 years. [Picture: The Hammersmith & Fulham Files]

Topshop and Emma Cook’s winter wonderland (contains animals)


Emma Cook  is responsible for Topshop’s Christmas gift shop this year, bringing today a combination of her own designs and general nice things from the rest of the store. The Emma Cook Wonderland is ready to shop now both IRL and online and it’s packed full of fun and awesome things to suit most budgets. Bunny soap on a rope = winning secret santa gift. Spangly rosette dress = awesome party look.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of pink and shiny things and animals so I guess if that’s not your bag you should give it a miss – but then if you don’t like pink and shiny things and animals you probably have a heart of stone so you’re going to struggle to get down to Topshop anyway.

You can read what Emma has to say about her shop-in-a-shop here and buy the lot online here.


And for now, here are my favourites;

1) Deer Duvet Cover, £60 - oh my god shuuuuuuushhhhhhhh, there’s a deer asleep on the bed.

2) Print Party Dress, £140 - rosette print dress = you wrapped up as a big present.

3) Cable Marl Socks, £5 - you have to get socks at Christmas. Might as well be these pink ones.

4) Bunny Soap, £8 – BUNNY SOAP. He’s got a little paper hat that’s fallen over his eyes!! How festive is that?

Hang out with me and Charlotte Free!

Want to hang out with me and Charlotte Free? We’re shopping along live on ASOS right now – just watch the video above to see my ugly mug and Charlotte’s attractive one in conversation with some fantastic other bloggers, all in the name of the #BestNightEver.

What’s her must-have morning after the night before product?

How does she keep her hair looking so magically unicorn fresh?

Is it true that she is a Slayer fan?

We shall see…

Have a very Slayer Christmas

OK, so it’s a bit Sibling but this Slayer Christmas jumper is just about the best thing I’ve seen all year. It’s not actually knit, but for £49.99 I think it’s probably the best present you could buy for any metal-lover this festive season.

By which I mean, buy me one.

And on the subject of Slayer and Christmas, I suppose it’s about time to roll this bad boy out again;

Free Kitten, 1993

I had a quiet long weekend but instead of using it to catch up on this old thing, I spent it clearing out half the contents of the flat. This is for exciting reasons which some of you will know about and which others will find out about next year – don’t worry, it’s not a baby.

Amongst the books which I sent to the chazza was a Sonic Youth biography, which I seem to remember picking up from the Free Table of Crap in my last job. It’s a pretty good read if you’re into the Sonics but not the kind of thing I’m going to treasure forever, so off it went.

Before I boxed it up though, just wanted to take a picture of Kim Gordon and former bandmate Julie Cafritz in the guise of Free Kitten back in 1993.

Along with Jennifer Herrema, that’s the X-Girl advert right there.

By the way, ever tried Googling Free Kitten? You don’t get many pictures of Kim and Julie.

Beanie + brooch + chandeliers

[H&M hat, £3.99 and earrings, £12,99; Markus Lupfer brooches, £15 each]


[Burberry cable-knit wool beanie, £125; Marni gold-tone and crystal brooch, £220; Yves Saint Laurent gold-plated agate drop earrings, £315]


[Topshop skater rib beanie, £10, crescent stud drops, £8.50]


[ASOS neon rib boyfriend beanie, £7, jewelled brooch, £10 and petal stone drop earrings, £18]

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) An excellent interview on Into the Gloss with my favourite hairdresser, James Pecis. [Picture: Into the Gloss]

2) Drum solo or guitar solo?

3) An interview with the founders of Happy Socks. They are as happy as you would hope!

4) The almighty Kris Atomic on gift guides. I’m filled with trepidation ahead of my own gift guides…

5) And don’t forget that you can donate to Children in Need here. Children in Need usually seems to involve a night out for me and I’m of the mind that if you can spend a tenner on a round, you can probably donate some money to some kids too.

Sorry for the lack of pictures – a day off work makes me massively lazy, it seems.

Scott’s of Thrapston brings Virginia Woolf to your very own garden

A woman must have money and a room of her own… And plenty of the former if she wants the latter.

Pretty much obsessed with this Scott’s of Thrapston replica of Virginia Woolf’s garden reading room at Monk’s House in Lewes. I saw the real deal earlier this year when Harriet and I went on our ramble around Woolfy’s old haunts with the good folk at Charleston and it really is a pretty blissful place to sit and while away the hours.

Well, I imagine it is. We had a nose around before some meddling/caring old woman started haranguing me about the fact that I hadn’t bought a jacket for our six-mile walk. In the sun. I MAY LOOK CASUAL, LADY, BUT I’M SERIOUS ABOUT WALKING.

Anyway, I spotted this in the Vogue Christmas gift guide and it’s already shot to the top of my festive wishlist. It may cost £10,000 but I can’t imagine that will get in the way of my loving and caring friends.

The ‘undeniably handsome’ hut contains a day bed (YES!), bookshelves (of course) and ‘period ironmongery’. No word on whether those spades are included, but I’d be tempted to accessorise with them anyway.

I really, really, really want this. I also really, really, really want a house with a garden to put it in but that’s a minor detail to worry about at a later date.

You can buy it (for me) here! And I highly recommend a visit to Monk’s House AND Charleston if you get the chance – even if you’re not a Woolf fan, they’re beautiful places.

Sitting pretty

[Picture: WGSN]

I was so taken with this still of Arizona Muse from the Louis Vuitton debut TV campaign that my brain automatically got to thinking about editorials which have featured famous artworks.

I got nothing.

I’m kind of ill at the moment but I think more than that, there just aren’t many. Prove me wrong! Please!

Instead, here are some other editorials that I’ve bookmarked recently which have ‘sitting down’ as a common denominator. Not as much fun as artworks in editorials, but nice anyway I thought.

Love the Tenenbaum vibe of this Glamour France shoot. And the fact that there are BUNNIES and PUPPIES and CATS. [Picture: Fashion Gone Rogue]

Branislav Jankic shot Helmut Lang’s former muse, Cordula Reyer, for the Autumn/Winter 2012 edition of The Room. That eyebrow! [Picture: Fashion Gone Rogue]

Can’t get enough of the D&G in this How to Spend It shoot by Andrew Yee. Also, there are chicks on her head and she’s all nonchalant about it. What an absolutely beautiful editorial – I always like How to Spend It’s shoots, such a pleasant addition to something as theoretically dry as the FT. [Picture: Fashion Gone Rogue]