Las Vegas Beauty Buys: 2014 Edition


Whenever I’m hashtag blessed to go to Las Vegas with work, it’s Walgreens where all my money goes. Not for me the bright lights of the Fashion Show Mall and Premium Outlets. Nuh-uh. Send me to the drugstore with $100 and I’m all set. [Previous year, here.]

I was pretty slack this year because, actually, most of my money went on gym kit in Nike (I know, you’ve changed), but here’s what made it home with me.

1. Secret Antiperspirant – That’s right, roll-on deodorant. I needed new deo and Cindy Crawford recommended this one on Into The Gloss. Who are we to argue with what Cindy says? Does she look like someone who stinks? Nope, nope she does not. This smells like baby powder and now I think I’m right in saying that I’m 5% closer to looking like Cindy.

2. Pomada De La Campana – What’s this hipster pot ya got there, Gibbo? Nope, not some hipster hair wax but, in fact, some kinda Mexican equivalent of E45 that stinks. Much like my beloved E45 and Savlon, you can use this on anything and it seems to do the trick. Full disclaimer: I bought it for the packaging. Equal disclaimer: it’s a really good all-rounder that I’ve so far used as a hand cream, cuticle cream and lip balm with pretty decent results. It was like, two bucks.

3. Revlon Skinlights – Hands down the best drugstore illuminator. Don’t waste your money on anything more expensive. Shimmer-free, glowy skin and half the price of its high-end equivs – there’s also an impressive array of shades.

4. Maui Babe After Browning – Discovered this in Hawaii, but the ABC store in Las Vegas sells it too. [Side-note: love that ABC exists only in Hawaii and LV – it’s like Walgreens but with added amazing food, Hello Kitty souvenirs and sarongs.] I’m not great with fake tan these days, but if you have an actual tan, this is a great accelerator to make it deeper and help it last longer. I am obsessed with Lancaster Tan Maximiser, but this is equally good, and smells like a holiday.

5. Marula Oil – You can’t buy this yet. It’s one of the reasons I was out in LV and it’s brilliant – and you’ll find out more next year.

6. Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Repair – Another reason I was in LV. This is the finishing step in a three-part new colour preserving range and is the perfect leave-in. Genuinely speeds up blow-drying time (yes please) and makes even the most knackered hair (hi!) shiny. Love it.

7. Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop – I love the MJ Beauty line – really great products and colour pay-off and super-smart packaging. This is an eye colour stick and the kind of thing that you can just stick on in a second and be ready to go. I got Au Revoir which is a rose-gold shade and nicely shimmery. Just need a tiny smear and you’ve got the perfect sparkly eye. Magic stuff.

8. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick – Yeah, I had to buy this. Urban Outfitters is doing a smart job bringing Korean beauty brands in store. This is supposed to cool your eyes after a long day starting at your computer and do you know what? I think it does quite a nice job, and it does seem to make you look a bit perkier. LBR, the results are not why I bought this though, are they?

9. Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner – I’m the latest sucker to try this thing. Hmm. It’s definitely easy to handle and the black is nice and black, but I don’t think it’s quite as foolproof as they claim. I’ve used every liner under the sun over the years and it took me about two minutes to figure out how to make this work. I mean, maybe I’m a dummy. But I’ve tried a lot! I eventually realised that the black gloop stuff was spiralling out like a snake indoor firework and I’d wasted a bunch, which was kind of annoying. I did a decent cat-eye pretty easily, but whether that’s down to the tool or my own steady hand, who knows? I think I’ll be sticking with a brush and gel pot, tbh. Stayed in place well, though. May have ruined a bathroom flannel or two attempting to remove it.

Five Things Super Duper Alice Cooper Taught Me

Five Things Super Duper Alice Cooper Taught Me

I was so happy to see that Super Duper Alice Cooper was on my flight out here to Las Vegas!

This documentary about the king of shock rock comes from Banger Films, who are the brains behind the Metal Evolution series, which is bloody brilliant must-see viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in metal.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Alice (what’s wrong with you?), the format of the film is really interesting. I haven’t seen The Kid Stays in the Picture, but that’s what it’s mostly compared to, visually. Photos comes to life, archive footage of screaming teenager are repurposed, and gnarly graphics don’t just provide visual pointers, but also echo vintage rock/skate imagery. Kinda reminded me of both my beloved Teenage and Vidal Sassoon: The Movie.

Anywhere, here are five things Super Duper Alice Cooper taught me about Vincent Furnier.

1. Alice bought all of his original stage outfits from an ex member of the Ice Capades. Which explains why he looked like this.

2. In his cameo, Iggy Pop reveals that the band had the most beautiful, feminine hair he’d ever seen. Of the five, he says drummer Neal Smith’s was the best. Neal is now an award-winning real-estate agent, known as the rock ‘n’ realtor.

3. Of all the newspaper headlines we saw in the film in association to Alice, the one that says: “Tarzan, chickens and monkey semen” intrigued me the most. So I found the story.

4. Alice has appeared on stage with a camel and an elephant, as well as the ubiquitous chickens.

5. If you’d ever wondered if that had existed, like I did, then there’s your answer.

A few things I bought during my absence


I mean, there’s a lot more. Always. This is just what I got round to taking pictures of.

Topshop pineapple socks to feed my addiction; Topshop lightning shirt (pretty embarrassing, all of these things are no longer available to link to); H&M daisy boobs; ASOS MAD CAT WOMAN DRESS THAT’S THE OFFICIAL OUTFIT OF TWITTER; Primark pineapple bikini that possibly was responsible for the worst sunburn I’ve ever had; Topshop shoes – gosh, I’ve rediscovered Topshop haven’t I?

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Alexander Wang x Hayden Shapes surfboards

1. How glorious are these Alexander Wang x Haydenshapes surf boards? Throw in a surfing dog and you’re all set.

2. Speaking of surfing, I rediscovered my own California playlist today and it made me really happy. You should listen to it, if the sun comes out this weekend. [If you claim not to like that Gypsy Kings song or the Katy Perry one, I’m afraid I’m going to have call BS on you being a big liar, liar pants on fire.]

3. Behind the scenes at Sesame Street. Beware, puppet-handlers are revealed.

4. Potentially a bit boring, but insanely useful – 30 tools to help journalists make better use of Twitter.

5. Recycle a bottle, feed a stray dog!