Five Things Super Duper Alice Cooper Taught Me

Five Things Super Duper Alice Cooper Taught Me

I was so happy to see that Super Duper Alice Cooper was on my flight out here to Las Vegas!

This documentary about the king of shock rock comes from Banger Films, who are the brains behind the Metal Evolution series, which is bloody brilliant must-see viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in metal.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Alice (what’s wrong with you?), the format of the film is really interesting. I haven’t seen The Kid Stays in the Picture, but that’s what it’s mostly compared to, visually. Photos comes to life, archive footage of screaming teenager are repurposed, and gnarly graphics don’t just provide visual pointers, but also echo vintage rock/skate imagery. Kinda reminded me of both my beloved Teenage and Vidal Sassoon: The Movie.

Anywhere, here are five things Super Duper Alice Cooper taught me about Vincent Furnier.

1. Alice bought all of his original stage outfits from an ex member of the Ice Capades. Which explains why he looked like this.

2. In his cameo, Iggy Pop reveals that the band had the most beautiful, feminine hair he’d ever seen. Of the five, he says drummer Neal Smith’s was the best. Neal is now an award-winning real-estate agent, known as the rock ‘n’ realtor.

3. Of all the newspaper headlines we saw in the film in association to Alice, the one that says: “Tarzan, chickens and monkey semen” intrigued me the most. So I found the story.

4. Alice has appeared on stage with a camel and an elephant, as well as the ubiquitous chickens.

5. If you’d ever wondered if that had existed, like I did, then there’s your answer.

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