Penguin x Ink project

Notes on a Sacandal by Valerie Vargas

The Rotters’ Club by Han van der Sluys

The Accidental by Judd Ripley

I’m the kind of mug that rebuys duplicate copies of my favourite books just because they’ve been tarted up with a limited edition cover. Recent additions include Eley Kishimoto’s re-imagining of Good Behaviour and, obviously, Penguin’s gold embossed editions of Fitzgerald’s finest works.

The latest book re-branding I’ve spotted is Penguin’s Ink project, which sees six British novels given an update from a selection of tattoo artists. Penguin launched the project in the US last year, and now it’s our turn to see some ink-inspired illustration. Unfortunately none of the books are favourites that I want more than two copies of, but they still look nice eh?

[Via Stylist where you can see the rest of the series too.] 

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