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She plays the tambourine with a silver jingle

28 Feb

HAH, of course I loved Moschino, you fools. Of course! The black, the gold, the resurrection of the best belt I own. I even like the cowboy hats? Wait, do I? Yeah, I do. I know it’s a bit Destry Rides Again does Dallas with a side of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas but who would call any of those things bad? Noone, that’s who. So combined? Gotta be good. Actually, I was kind of grossed outby the last few looks but I loved the first half. The earring handbags! What wit! The fringed gold jacket! Lovely, ostentatious, perfect.

Hypostasis stains your back

28 Feb

Could you be… the most beautiful skirt in the world? Mmm, molten Max Mara goodness. Actually, this is a little hard for me to look at because when I was in Year 7 I had a silver lurex maxi tube skirt that I wore to every school disco for about a year. I would basically gnaw off my arm to have that back in my life. This is like my perfect 2010 re-imagination of it. Gold is better than silver, whatever dream fabric this is is probably more flattering than lurex and Max Mara is definitely more respectable than Clockhouse at C&A… or is it?

I think I could learn to stand the Grateful Dead

27 Feb

So wrong, but yet… is it? I hate tiered skirts (Sienna Miller etc) but man, I didn’t know you could achieve that with tie dye. It’s like an intergalactic space print. Magical! Maybe I need to dig out my Hippy Handbook (that actually exists, in case you doubted it. Like the Brownies handbook but with more “oregano”).

Blueberry Dress, $42, Wildflower Dyes (lol ikr etc).

Just for the funk of it

26 Feb

Brilliant Malick Sidibé photos in today’s Guardian, along with an interesting feature on how Mali embraced rock ‘n’ roll music and French fashion following its liberation in 1960. All of the clothes featured are fantastic as is the swagger of everyone wearing them. I love how Malick talks about socks being such a big deal… fascinating, you just don’t get that excitement about clothes these days do you? Not just socks, the whole lot. Pride, glee, experimentation… aw boy. Anyway, you can read the feature online if you’re not a Guardian reader and, excitingly, you can see an exhibition of Malick’s work at the Lichfield Studios in London from 11 March-16 April.

Friday Afternoon Disco

26 Feb

I have decided to post a little disco Spotify playlist every Friday. Or at least every Friday I remember. Here’s today’s offering. It consists of the stuff I’ve been listening to this week, mostly. It will vanish, as if by magic, next Friday.  BADOOM.

If you see me coming run as fast as you can

26 Feb

Quick Milan round-up, thus far.

The Moschino Cheap & Chic show (unusually) didn’t do much for me, sartorially speaking. Except for the above OBVIOUSLY. What I did love was the fact that they held the show in their new hotel and dressed the models as all the different types of ladies they’d like to have staying there. Funny, cute, all the usual adjectives you’d expect from C&C. The final look was a slogan dress stating, ‘Fashion Must Go On!’ Some wag on made a remark about them investing in this hotel just in case it didn’t. Yikes! I’d stay at Maison Moschino anyway, it looks well swish. Oh, and I also liked their new luggage range, Lost and Found, which most of the models were trundling along with.

No. 21 is the new version of Alessandro Dell’Acqua, which vanished after Mr Dell’Acqua lost the rights to his own name. Hate to say it, but I’m secretly glad because whenever I had to type his name I always missed a letter out somewhere along the line. No. 21 is much easier to get to grips with. Anyway, I love the neapolitan ice cream-esque palette so much, particularly those magenta and sky blue pops. Wowee, such a boner for winter and a nice change from all the black I’ve been obsessing over. That peachy suit is perfect, except the gross shoes. I also love (token beauty reference) the hair. This mussed-up, can’t be arsed, sulky teenager thing keeps appearing and I am obsessed with it, even though we all know it takes for-fucking-ever to achieve and a wave tong and all the rest.

D&G is always brilliant for the lols, and I mean that in the best possible way. Who wouldn’t want to wear this knitted onesie? Did you know those goggles have sequins on? The boots, I’ll grant you, are questionable but worn with the whole kaboodle it’s a pretty perfect apres-ski look, if one were to partake in such a thing. I also have to mention the Little Lord Fauntleroy does Karl Lagerfeld suit which is… bananas? Didn’t quite get the point of all the floaty white frocks with furry boots towards the end, but why quibble when they looks so nice, hm?

You’ll have heard all the hoo-hah about Prada using Victoria’s Secret models as well as their usual girls. Gals with boobs and butts for a collection about boobs and butts. I don’t want to rehash what others have put so eloquently so read what Jess Cartner-Morley has to say instead then come back here to see me say; I like the eyebrow glasses, I like the buttery soft looking coats so much I want to stab myself in the eye and the whole Mad Men thing? Well obviously I see it, but if Ms Prada says she’s never watched it, I believe her. People, we’re dealing with the biggest brain in fashion, I’m pretty sure she has the ability to figure out a fit and flare silhouette on her own time.

You must be having fun

25 Feb

I have spent years trying to find a decent Talking Heads shirt. It seems like all my favourite bands are hard to track down when it comes to original merch. Beach Boys? KISS? Original Ramones or Maiden stuff? Oy vey. A Talking Heads shirt on eBay I was recently watching went for $600!! I mean, it was pristine but still. If that hasn’t given you any ideas, I should point out that if any of you ever stumble across Talking Heads merch I will gratefully take it off your hands for a handsome sum.

Anyway, tonight being a rainy Thursday we figured there was nothing better to do than watch Stop Making Sense for the 400th time. In turn, this obviously got me back on the shirt hunt. Either Rose Blake wasn’t around last time I checked or I did a shit job Googling previously (let’s face it, probably the first option) but I was overjoyed when I found her nestled away on Flickr today. This shirt is spot on and is definitely a viable alternative to a vintage tour shirt. I was also over the moon to see her ‘Fuck Art, Let’s Dart’ shirt too because, as you know, darts is up there in my list of special favourite things. Look at Wolfie! Hey, did you see Bobby on the dancing for charity show last Saturday? Aw god, he was fucking brill. You can watch it here if you missed it. Kryptonite.

Anyway, definitely gonna buy these. Too cute not to and they will more than tide me over until I finally get my hands on an original.

Buy your own (and check out Rose’s other award-winning illustrations) at her website!

PS first post written on WordPress app, I like it except the picture spacing. [Which I have now edited because I'm anal.]

It’s so frightfully good I’ve never bothered to read another

25 Feb

So of course everyone knows about the Nancy Mitford reissues, but I couldn’t resist the urge to post the covers in all their glory anyway. As a dedicated fan, I feel it’s my duty and well, just look at them. Aren’t they marvellous? It’s very exciting to have Wigs On The Green available as a separate book too, as until now it’s been nigh on impossible to get hold of it… owing to the old fascist tendencies… Anyway, the most important thing is to firstly tell you that the a-mazing illustrations are by Lab Partners and secondly to tell you that you can buy the books on Amazin‘.

PS I didn’t know that one of the Pipettes had gone on to form a new band who sing songs about the Mitfords! It’s not the best thing I’ve ever heard, but here’s a link to Unity Mitford by The Indelicates anyway.

Inside where it’s warm

25 Feb

Good old Twin, always educating me in areas which I was previously unaware of. Today’s lesson is on Brigid Berlin, who was apparently Andy Warhol’s best friend. Her house was profiled on New York Social Diary the other week. While the apartment is clearly nuts, eagle-eyed viewers will notice her somewhat obsessive passion for pugs. That’s my kinda gal. These slippers are going on my birthday list. Prep the needlepoint mum.

A million marching feet

25 Feb

I wanted to save Margaret Howell until last because she’s always such a tasteful treat. It will come as no surprise to anyone that I’m currently reading another book about the interwar period: this time, it’s Debs At War. In this case I would ask you not to judge a book by its cover. Looking at this one, you’re perhaps anticipating a Jilly Cooper-esque romp through Blitz-era London, all ripped stockings and officers and gentlemen. I get a bit embarrassed reading it on the train in case people think that. It’s actually a dead good round up of the era — a little lightweight in parts, but generally an interesting read. All of which (sort of) leads me back to Margaret Howell. Hang in there.

I’ve been into Howell for the longest time. I remember printing out pictures of past collections to stick in my ~learning journal~ back in the dark fashion days, but not quite managing  to convince myself or anyone else of the relevance of her stuff with what I was doing, or trying to do. Not saying my brains are better than yours, just that I couldn’t quite convey what I wanted to say about her stuff and how it linked in to my design vision. This was, of course, pre-Alexa Chung days. It was weird to me that she didn’t get on board with the brand earlier because I link them together so intrinsically and her wearing it makes the whole thing make sense to a whole new audience, I reckon. Girl/geek/chic, with a double dose of British, right? Now she’s wearing it so much, I think it sort of represents a bit of a sea change that Margaret’s not just for fashion editors and rich women in the country any more. Like wearing a Barbour and carrying a Mulberry, it’s cool and a bit retro and a bit knowing and generally quite charming. This collection was more of the same, with more of the sheepskin and shearling jackets that we’ve been bombarded with this season, as well as lots of really nice washed wool coats.

What brought it all together for me, and got me thinking of Debs At War (remember that?) was the fantastic masculine, utilitarian styling which Margaret always seems to nail. The leather belts are an obvious thing to point out, but they add such a boyish, dressed down touch to it all that they can’t go unmentioned. The chunky knits slung over shirts and courds suggest country house weekends, although anyone who’s read as many books about the landed classes in the interwar era will of course be aware that a gal wouldn’t dream of wearing such a thing, at least not where anyone would see her. That’s where the Debs At War comes in again, I guess. Girls embracing (or being forced to) dress down and knuckle down. The turned up cuff on those black pants is just… swoon, gosh it makes me a little weak at the knees. I also could rave about the evacuee duffle, the washed cotton mac with HRH at Balmoral neck tie, the quilted singlets, the fingerless gloves, the plaid blanket coat which just makes me think of some deb in the country pile who’s gone to investigate a bomb in the garden… hey, wow, sorry, getting a bit Jilly Cooper on myself. Anyway, on a similar note, I wanted to add that if you’re in Brighton go see the Land Girls exhibition at the museum, it’s ace and you can try on land girl uniforms.


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